The US Open, the US Women's Open and the US Senior Open are national championships conducted by the United States Golf Association, and very familiar to all golfers.  

     In addition to these great "Opens" the USGA also conducts ten other national championship events and, although played in somewhat less notoriety and fanfare, each is steeped in history, tradition and excitement.  

     All thirteen of these great tournaments are true national championships; they are like no other tournaments conducted in American golf.

     For a club to host a USGA event, for a player to be a contestant in a USGA event or for a golfer to volunteer and participate in a USGA event is an honor, privilege and a remembrance for a lifetime.

     Unftil this upcoming July - no New Hampshire club, has ever before hosted one of these great events... but that's about to change.  

     In just five months The Golf Club of New England will be the host facility for the 2012 USGA Junior Championship. 

     When it comes to the USGA and a golf tournament... everything, and I mean everything, is in its place. 

     Only the finest golf courses, of championship caliber, are considered to be host clubs.

     The practice facilities are perfect; including the driving range, putting greens and short game areas.

     The greens stimp at 11 or higher.

     The fairways cut at .500 inches or less.
     There is a scoreboard that is big and green.
     Clocks (marked USGA official time) are placed at all locations.

     Starters tents are located at the first and tenth tees (yes.. they are green). 

     The media center is constantly buzzing.

     The USGA logo is eveywhere.
     USGA events are truly the quid essential golf tournament experience for host clubs. for contestants for volunteers and for spectators.

     In recent years a number of New Hampshire golfer’s have had great success in USGA national championships... an absolutely amazing feat for the such a small state with a limited golf season. 

     Laura Shannahan Rowe won the 2001 USGA Women’s Mid Amateur at the
Fox Run Golf Club in Eureka, MO.

     In 2004 Austin Eaton III won the men’s USGA men’s Mid Amateur at Sea Island G.C. (Seaside Course) in St. Simons Island, Ga.  Austin also advanced to the semi-finals of the 2005 US Amateur at the Merion Golf Club.  

     Bob Mielcarz, nine time NH State Amateur champion, made it to the quarter final match of the USGA Senior Amateur in both 2005 and 2006.  

     My wife Dana has qualified for more than 17 USGA events and advanced to the quarter-final match at the 1993 US Mid Amateur at the Rochester G & CC in Rochester, MN.

     And, just last year, two of New Hampshitre's native sons made it to the final match in two of the thirteen championships conducted by the United States Golf Association.

     Phil Pleat came ever so close at the USGA senior - losing just 1-down in the finals at Kinloch Golf Club in Manakin-Sabot, Va.  

     And, Chelso Barret of Keene, went all the way to the final match in the USGA junior championship at the Gold Mountain Golf Club in Bremerton, Wash.... Chelso will return in 2012 as a contestant in the event at The Golf Club of New England!.

     2012 stacks up to be a banner year for New Hampshire golf... to think that, from July 16th through the 21st, the entire golf world will be focused on our state... How can it get any better? 

     My sincere congratulations to GCNE owner Craig Benson... to Joe Kane... to Greg Smith... and to the membership/staff of this incredible facility.  I know you'll do New Hampshire proud.

    I urge all of you to take advantage of this opportunity... click here and become a volunteer... come out and spectate - you'll enjoy every minute you are there!

Below is a list of each of the thirteen national championships, along with the entry requirements, conducted annually by the United States Golf Association.  For those who 
have unsuccessfully tried to qualify for past USGA events please continue to try.  
Playing in one of these great championships is the experience of a lifetime!
US Open  The U.S. Open, the second-oldest USGA championship by a single day, is the jewel of USGA competitions. The event has evolved into one of the most prestigious championships played with many of the game's greatest players having captured this coveted title. The event is open to professionals and amateurs with a Handicap Index of 1.4 or lower. 
US Women's Open The U.S. Women's Open was added to the USGA's roster of championships in 1953, although the event precedes 1953. The event is open to any female who has a USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 4.4.
US Senior Open The U.S. Senior Open dates back to 1980 on the East Course of Winged Foot Golf Club. The event is open to any professional or amateur with a Handicap Index not exceeding 3.4, who turns 50 on or before the first day of the championship.
US Amateur The U.S. Amateur, the oldest USGA championship, was first played in 1895 at Newport Golf Club in Rhode Island. The event, which has no age restriction, is open to those with a Handicap Index of 2.4 or lower.
US Women's
The U.S. Women's Amateur, the third oldest of the USGA championships, was first played in 1895 at Meadowbrook Club in Hempstead, N.Y. The event is open to any female amateur who has a USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 5.4.
US Senior
The inaugural USGA Senior Amateur was held in 1955 at Belle Meade Country Club in Nashville, Tenn. The event, for those who are 55 or older on or before the day the championship begins, is open to those with a USGA Handicap Index of 7.4 or lower.
US Senior
Women's Amateur
The USGA Senior Women's Amateur was inaugurated in 1962 at Manufacturers' Golf and Country Club in Oreland, Pa. The event, for female golfers who will have reached their 50th birthday on or before the first day of the championship, is open to those with a USGA Handicap Index not exceeding 18.4.
US Amateur
Public Links
Since its inception in 1922, the U.S. Amateur Public Links has given exposure to many public-course players who otherwise might not have an opportunity to compete in a national championship. The competition is open to any bona fide public-course player whose USGA Handicap Index does not exceed 8.4.
US Women's
Public Links
The U.S. Women's Amateur Public Links Championship began in 1977 at Yahara Hills Golf Club in Madison, Wis. The WAPL is open to female golfers who have been bona fide public- course players since Jan. 1 of the current championship year. The competition is open to any bona fide public-course player whose USGA Handicap Index does not exceed 18.4.
US Junior
While it is not the oldest competition, the U.S. Junior Amateur is considered the premier junior competition, having been around since 1948. The event is open to male golfers who have not reached their 18th birthday prior to the close of competition and whose USGA Handicap Index does not exceed 6.4.
US Junior Girls'
Established in 1949, one year after the U.S. Junior Amateur, the U.S. Girls' Junior annually draws the finest young female players from not only the United States, but from many foreign countries. The event is open to any female golfer who has not reached her 18th birthday by the close of the competition and has a USGA Handicap Index that does not exceed 18.4.
US Mid Amateur The U.S. Mid-Amateur originated in 1981 for the amateur golfer of at least 25 years of age, the purpose of which to provide a formal national championship for the post-college player. The event is open to those with a USGA Handicap Index of 3.4 or lower.
US Women's
Mid Amateur
The U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur originated in 1987 to provide a national competitive arena for amateurs 25 and older. Besides the age restriction, the event is open to those with a USGA Handicap Index of 9.4 or lower.

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